"As every school-age wizard knows, the fact that we fly on broomsticks is probably our worst-kept secret. No Muggle illustration of a witch is complete without a broom and however ludicrous these drawings are (for none of the broomsticks depicted by Muggles would stay up in the air for a moment), they remind us that we were careless for far too many centuries to be surprised that broomsticks and magic are inextricably linked in the Muggle mind."
—Kennilworthy Whisp; Quidditch Through the Ages

Broomsticks, also known as brooms, are one of the means employed by wizards and witches to transport themselves between locations. Their use in Great Britain and Ireland is broomstick regulations by the Ministry of Magic's Department of Magical Transport Broom Regulatory Control.

The earliest recorded use of the broomstick was in 962, in a German illustrated manuscript. Only wizards and witches appear to use broomsticks in the Wizarding world. House-elves, for example, use Apparition. Broomsticks appear to have a bit of personality of their own, as they are able to respond to the simplest of commands, such as "up!"


Early dayEdit

The racing broom and mass productionEdit

Present-day broomsEdit

Broomstick Manufacturing Companies of LumosMCEdit

Broomstick Models of LumosMCEdit

  • Shooting Star
  • Silver Arrow
  • Cleansweep Five
  • Cleansweep Seven
  • Cleansweep Eleven
  • Cleansweep X80
  • Nimbus 1500
  • Nimbus 2000
  • Nimbus 2001
  • Nimbus Elite XV
  • Comet 260
  • Comet IX750
  • Viokur Turbo
  • Viokur 811
  • Bliksem 1000R
  • Bliksem Superb IV
  • Firebolt
  • Firebolt Supreme
  • Starsweeper XXI
  • Twigger 90