Dennis Activus Elric Fungwater
Biographical Information

30 September, 1964,
Portselby, East Sussex, England

Blood Status


Marital Status



  • Temp Headmaster at Hogwarts
  • Head of the Department of
    Magical Law Enforcement
  • Spokesman for The Nimbus
    Racing Broom Company


Physical Information





6'1 (185cm)

Hair colour

Dark Brown

Eye colour

Pale Blue

Skin colour

Lightly Tanned

Family members

  • Activus Fungwater [Grandfather †]
  • Mira Fungwater [Grandmother †]
  • Davis Fungwater [Father †]
  • Grace Fungwater [Mother †]
  • James Fungwater [Brother]
  • Hannah Fungwater [Sister]

Magical characteristics

The Unknown


Yew, Dragon Heartstring Core
13¼, Slightly Springy


Red Ridgeback Dragon


  • Temp Headmaster of Hogwarts
  • Auror (formerly)
  • Head of Department of
    Magical Law Enforcement



  • Fungwater Family
  • Ministry of Magic
    • Department of
      Magical Law Enforcement
      • International
        of Wizards
  • Hogwarts School
    of Witchcraft and Wizardry
    • Gryffindor
  • The Nimbus Racing
    Broom Company
"Known for his help against the late Lord Voldemort's Death Eaters during the Battle of Hogwarts in 1998. A Spokesman for the Nimbus Racing Broom Company an Ex-Auror, now the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. "
—Dennis Fungwater's Chocolate Frog Card

Professor Dennis Activus Elric Fungwater, O.M. (First Class)(b. 30 September, 1964) is a Half-Blood wizard, the first son of Davis Fungwater and Grace Fungwater (née Malcolm). Dennis and his family lived in the wizarding town of Portselby. Dennis began attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 1975 and was Sorted into Gryffindor house.

Dennis is the middle child of three, his older brother James attended Hogwarts in 1971 until 1978, during Summer Holidays James used to speak of Hogwarts and even showed Dennis some spells he was taught. His younger sister Hannah started Hogwarts in 1982 until 1989.


Early life

Born to a Wizarding Father and Muggle Mother; Dennis Fungwater grew up around magic and knew of its applications from a young age. He grew up in the Wizarding Town of Portselby located in Newhaven, East Sussex.

At the age of Eleven Dennis received his Hogwarts Acceptance Letter and traveled to Diagon Alley to obtain his school Supplies. He went to Olivanders for his Wand, His wand is made from Yew, 13¼ inches long, Slightly Springy with a Dragon Heartstring Core.

Hogwarts years (1975-1982)

Professor Kneen: "You boy, what are you doing snooping around the halls at this hour?"
Dennis: "Oooooh, uh. I can explain?"
Professor Kneen: "Oh you can?"
Dennis: "Well! It all started when..."
— Dennis found by Professor Kneen during one of his late night adventures.

Upon arriving at Hogwarts he tried to escape the grasp of the Deputy Headmistress; Professor McGonagall, only to be dragged back by Caretaker Argus Filch. He was taken into the Greathall along with his fellow First Years and Sorted into Gryffindor. He then ate himself to the point that he found it very difficult to walk and had to be helped by a fellow first year.

First Year

The next day Dennis begun classes, his first class was with Professor Kneen; the Charms professor. They clashed right away after Dennis strolled into class, not only 17 minutes late but completely unprepared with no text books at all.

To try and show him up, Professor Kneen asked Dennis about the Wand-Lighting Charm; other wise known as Lumos. Dennis not only spoke about the spell perfectly but then cast the spell easily and asked if there was anything else his professor needed. The whole class then laughed at Kneen and applauded Dennis; who did a little bow and was then asked to leave the class as he already knew about that days lesson.

During the nights Dennis went out to explore for hidden rooms and passageways (WIP)

Second Year

Fourth Year

Fifth Year

Passed OWLs
DADA - Outstanding
Charms - Outstanding
Transfiguration - Exceeds Expectations
Potions - Exceeds Expectations
Herbology - Exceeds Expectations (Only by one mark)
Astronomy - Exceeds Expectations (Only barley)
History of Magic - Acceptable

Failed OWLs
Ancient Runes - Poor
Care of Magical Creatures - Poor
Divination - Troll
Arithmancy - Dreadful

Sixth Year

Seventh Year

Passed NEWTs
DADA - Outstanding
Charms - Outstanding
Transfiguration - Outstanding 
Potions - Outstanding
Herbology - Exceeds Expectations
Astronomy - Acceptable

Later life (1982-Current)

Physical description

Personality and traits

Magical abilities and skills